Dive sites

Diving with Daivoon Diving in Lanzarote at Black Beach

Black Beach

This divesite is named after the tiny little black beach on the corner of the old harbor in Puerto del Carmen. It also goes by the name of “Casa Chucu – House of the rays”, because the area is home to rays of all shapes and sizes, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.  

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Diving at Playa Flamingo with Daivoon Diving Centre in Playa Blanca

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is a dive site in the south of Lanzarote in Playa Blanca. With a maximum depth of 18 meters at high tide and an easy shore entry, it is a sure favourite with all divers! Photographers have a huge love for this beach in particular because of its abundance of fish shoals and shark sightings, just ask our budding photographer Frank! 

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Diving at Harbour Wall Wrecks in Puerto del Carmen

Harbour Wall Wrecks

This dive spot is composed of a few modest wrecks all within 50m of each other. They are located just off the harbour wall in Puerto del Carmen where the diver can find himself in this breathtaking eerie ship cemetery – depth ranging between 16 to 40m.

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Diving at Charco del Palo in the North of Lanzarote

Charco del Palo

This dive site is situated on a rocky shore line in the north of the Island and is typically volcanic in nature. Huge lava fields once flowed from the volcanic interior down into the ocean to form this stunning underwater environment. There are lots of beautiful overhangs, caves and tunnels to explore and the site offers a rich diving experience for both old hands and less experienced divers alike.

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Diving at Puerto Moro in the North of Lanzarote

Puerto Moro

Puerto Moro is a great dive site in the north of Lanzarote. Every diver that wants to explore this ”off-road” situated dive site has to be a little bit adventurous to “conquer” the entrance and exit. A little rock scramble is necessary to enter or exit the water, and that´s why it is a dive site for experienced or well trained divers. Once underwater however, you are rewarded for your efforts with some of the most beautiful caves, tunnels and lava tubes on Lanzarote.

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Diving at Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen

Playa Chica

One of the most diverse dive sites on the island is Playa Chica. It offers scope for everybody – no matter if you are a swimmer, snorkeler, or diver – beginner or professional. With 3 different entry points (we choose one depending on your abilities) you have the possibility to find many ways to explore this beautiful dive site (0m to 40m). Lots of fish, big groupers, nudibranches, moray eels, cuttlefish, sea hares and sand eels which peep out of their sand holes and disappear as you draw near. If you are lucky, you can also find angel sharks, different types of rays, octopus and even sea horses on this dive site as well.

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Diving at el emisario with Daivoon Diving Centre in Playa Blanca

El Emisario

El Emisario is a dive site located in Playa Blanca down the south of Lanzarote. There are 2 extensive tubes that make orientation very easy and mark entry and exit. The dive guides you along a massive lava tongue down to max. 18m. This lava formation is used as a haven for many species that represents the fauna of the Canaries.

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Museo Atlantico at Lanzarote with Daivoon Diving Center

Museo Atlántico

The Museo Atlántico is the first underwater art museum in Europe. It is situated in front of the coast in Playa Blanca and can be accessed only with a boat. There is also a safety boat at the site, which is responsible for entrance and exit during opening hours. You descend on a safety buoy, which makes it accessible for beginners as well. The guide will take you along a given route, which leads you to a max. depth of 17m in approx. 45min. You will see a large artificial reef formed by sculptures made with neutral pH concrete that will in time increase its biomass.

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Diving at las Coloradas in Playa Blanca

Las Coloradas – El Puente

This divesite looks like a long bridge (puente) across the sea bed that lies at around 16metres depth. From the dropping point, you can dive in either direction, keeping the ´wall´ on either your left or right side. The topography of the rock formations were sculpted by the lava flows that were once dominant on the island, making it a really popular place for morays and shrimps to hideout!

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Diving in Playa Jablillo in Costa Teguise

Playa del Jablillo

Playa del Jablillo is around about 200m wide and is the smallest beach of Costa Teguise. It is Daivoon’s “housebay” and offers ideal conditions for trial dives and beginner courses. The large stone wall separating the bay from the open ocean provides shelter from big waves and harsh current. Photographers and experienced divers will also find countless things to enjoy on this easy and relaxed dive. Playa del Jablillo is our recommendation to anyone who wishes experience our beautiful underwater realm for the first time in a calm and safe environment.

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