Like everybody else we need to adapt to the “new normal” and change our daily diving routine a little bit. We need to follow certain rules by the government to guarantee the safety of our customers and our team.

Please assist us by following these commonly accepted recommendations.


    1. Ideally, all divers should make an appointment before they come to the centre. You can do that easily with our contact form, by what’s app, telephone, email, Facebook etc. We will answer as soon as possible and arrange a time when to come.
    2. If possible, fill in the registration forms online before you come to the centre and send them to us by email. There are new papers as well that every diver has to sign. Easiest way to do so is to use the Adobe Reader (free version) and the function “fill in and sign”. Please send us the following documents:
      • Daivoon registration form (open document)
      • Declaration of conformity (open document)
      • Medical certificate – The new format medical questionnaire allows you to self certify your fitness to dive without visiting a doctor, providing none of the precluding conditions apply. Please read and follow the instructions carefully (open document)
      • Diving qualification
      • Diving insurance (if you have, otherwise please get in contact)

Don’t worry if digitally signing forms is a problem, signatures can easily be done in the shop as complete the paperwork.

    1. We need to maintain a 1,5m safety distance. Therefore we advise not to go into the centre all together. Max. 6 divers can be in the centre at the same time. People that live together, that are taking classes/diving together don´t need to keep the distance and can interact with each other in the normal way. The 1,5m distance needs to be maintained at the dive site and at the surface of the water.
    2. Divers must wear a “protective face mask” inside – covering your nose and mouth. So please bring this kind of protection with you. We have different types of masks in the centre for sale if you need some.
      When diving from the boat, you need to wear your protective masks whilst seated. Make sure it is stored in your allocated plastic bag whilst diving (diving centre supplies plastic bags with your name on).
    3. Every person must use the disinfecting gels at the entrance of the centre. There are more dispensers in the centre and in each car. Sanitize before and after touching dive gear and after the dive.
    4. Regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 40 seconds or use hand sanitizer.
    5. Avoid touching your face.
    6. Avoid physical contact to other people i.e. shaking hands or hugging when greeting people. This includes the buddy check which will be done without touching. Simply watch your buddy while they show you the correct function of their diving equipment. A guide is always close to help in case of any questions.
    7. If you need to sneeze or cough, use the bend of your arm or into a tissue and then properly dispose of the tissue in a trash bin.
    8. During transport by Daivoon vehicle, it is obligatory to wear a face mask, since the safety distance can not be maintained. Whilst using Daivoon transport and to comply with Spain’s contact tracing requirements, we ask that customers use the same seat locations in our vehicles for both outbound and inbound journeys.
      If you have a rental car we advise to meet us at the dive site directly.
    9. It is not allowed to share equipment, especially regulators. Of course in an emergency situation things are different (a buddies octopus can be used, providing it has not been contaminated since disinfection). Buddies can´t share air to extend a dive, contact with other diver’s equipment has to be avoided.
    10. Each diver keeps their equipment and personal belongings in their diving bag. Please only touch and use your diving bag. The instructors will help and assist.
    11. Don´t test breathe your alternate air source. Test purge it during checks, but leave it disinfected in case someone needs it.
    12. Please refrain from spitting into your mask. The centre supplies anti fog liquids.
    13. The recommended safety distance must be maintained between all persons at the dive site (also between other diving schools). For this reason we ask that divers take up as little space as possible on the dive site for their equipment and personal belongings.
    14. Divers must adhere to the instructions of Daivoon staff whilst loading or unloading the dive vehicles. We are required by new COVID-19 legislation to ensure that customers only handle there own equipment and personal belongings. This includes the loading and unloading of equipment, personal items, food & drink and the assembly and disassembly of equipment.


    1. We are not allowed to give away flyers anymore, therefore we digitalized them and you can scan the following QR code to get the latest prices, contact details and information on your mobile.
    2. Remove masks: Remove it from behind (do not touch the front of the mask); discard immediately in a closed bin and wash/disinfect your hands.
    3. The team will now wash all the equipment, no matter if it is private or rental. This is due to the disinfectant we are required to use. We will let the equipment soak for 30 min to guarantee it’s virus free, rinse and hang up to dry. If however you feel more comfortable to wash the equipment yourself, you can of course borrow a gear bag from the centre and wash your gear yourself in your holiday accommodation.
    4. We are obligated to clean and disinfect the centre every day and especially the toilets and surfaces a couple of times every day. For that reason the centre might be closed for a couple of minutes in between.
    5. The traditional tea box is not possible at the moment due to regulations. We ask each diver to take their own drinks and/or snacks with them to the dive site.
      It is not advised to share food or beverages amongst people who do not share the same living space.
    6. Payment will be done via credit card or transfer if possible. We will accept cash as well if necessary, but highly recommend to use an electronic payment.

As divers ourselves we understand that these new CORVID-19 measures may detract a little from the traditional relaxed nature of our sport. We also acknowledge that the reasoning behind some of the requirements may not always be apparent. The intention of this new legislation and the measures we are required to adopt are intended to minimise the chances of the spread of infection. To this end and with the help and support of our customers we hope to continue to enjoy this wonderful sport, safely and in the company of good friends.


Please note, if you suffer from any of the symptoms related to COVID-19, we kindly ask that you refrain from approaching the Diving Centre: Fever, cough, tiredness or muscle pain, respiratory problems, sore throats, lung infections, headaches, loss of taste, diarrhoea.

    1. If you need to cancel because of symptoms of Corona virus, please don´t come to the centre. Simply call or send a message and we will refund any unused dives.
    2. Refunds or outstanding payments will be settled over the phone or online by card or bank transfer.
Download usefull documents
First Aid and Covidopen document
DAN Recommendations-Covid 19open document

Yes you can hire equipment. We disinfect all the centre’s equipment with government approved disinfectant liquids that are also used in the food industry. In this way we ensure that even those sensitive items like diving masks and regulators are safe to use.

Yes of course. If you come without an appointment, please wait in front of the centre till we can greet you safely. We need to make sure there are not too many people in the centre at any one time, so it’s possible that you may need to wait just a little while.

No. We disinfect the regulators every day and in so doing we soak the second stages for 30 minutes in the government approved cleaning liquids.
If however you feel more comfortable to have your own private mouthpiece, we have them in stock and you are welcome to purchase one.

We advise you to bring your own supply of masks. If however, you don´t have one, we have different kinds of masks in the centre (i.e. cotton masks) that can be purchased for a small fee to cover our expenses.