El Emisario

El Emisario is a dive site located in Playa Blanca down the south of Lanzarote. There are 2 extensive tubes that make orientation very easy and mark entry and exit. The dive guides you along a massive lava tongue down to max. 18m. This lava formation is used as a haven for many species that represents the fauna of the Canaries.

This site is popular with a variety of species of rays and angel sharks. Pay particular attention to the many overhangs and crevices which often play host to beautiful anemones, cleaner shrimp, moray eels and slipper lobster. At the end of the rock is a small cliff, where you can find dusky grouper, moray eel, island grouper and the majority of the collective sea life in the Canaries. The contrast between the rock and the sand allows you to see species from both environments at a depth less than 20 meters!