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X-Deep Equipment

High Quality wings for all divers

When it comes to investing in a wing for your diving adventures, X-Deep stands out as a brand of exceptional quality and continuous innovation. With a relentless commitment to improvement and an unwavering passion for diving, X-Deep has become a trusted name among divers worldwide. From recreational diving to deep technical dives and cave exploration, X-Deep offers a wide range of wings that cater to all diving styles and preferences.

What sets X-Deep apart is their dedication to using materials exclusively sourced from the USA and EU, ensuring high standards of craftsmanship.

X-Deep understands that divers have unique preferences and styles. That’s why they provide a user-friendly Configurator on their website, allowing you to customize your gear to your heart’s content.


To continuously refine and perfect their equipment, X-Deep collaborates closely with high-level divers and explorers like Patrick Widmann. By incorporating their invaluable feedback and expertise, X-Deep ensures that every detail of their equipment is optimized for peak performance and reliability.

We are thrilled to announce that we have become official dealers for X-Deep equipment. Simply use the Configurator on X-Deep’s website to design your ideal wing and provide us with the generated code. We’ll take care of the rest, ensuring that your chosen equipment is promptly ordered and you can dive it the next time you are here!


Whether you’re a recreational diver, a technical diving enthusiast, or an adventurous cave explorer, X-Deep has the perfect wing to elevate your diving experience. Take advantage of their user-friendly Configurator and our status as official dealers to obtain the gear that suits your style.