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All the basic skills you need

Fundamental Training by Daivoon

Do you know the feeling that you’ve been diving for some time now and that you’ve got most of the stuff down but something still dosen’t feel quite right? If yes, get your fundamental training done with Daivoon!

You can choose to do our very own, experience based fundamentals course which will help you to just become that bit better and more confident in the water. For this course you won’t have to read long theory manuals or learn formulas; all you need is yourself, one of our instructors and some divegear. First we try to see what level your diveskills are at and then we try to show you a few things to improve.


In this course you will learn all about the BIG 4:

      • buoyancy
      • trim
      • breathing techniques
      • propulsion techniques
Apart from that we will focus on topics like:

      • self awareness in the water
      • buddy awareness
      • stationary stability
      • dsmb
      • and much more

Why should i do a fundamental training?

Especially things like breathing, weighting, equipment configurations or simple things like shooting a dsmb are often not practised enough and we try to change that.

Equipment configurations – that include the mounting of instruments, correct distribution of weights, finding the correct sized tank etc. are many times not tailored to customers, but standardised configurations that can of course be personalised a lot.

Another example of things that are often improvable are weights in gerneral: a lot of divers are massively overweighted. Whilst it might be normal to them, it would be far safer if divers were correctly weighted, as buoyancy control would be easier and it would be less of a pain to deal with outside of the water.

The Big 4 influence each other, which is why the training dosen´t have a fixed course of action, as its tailored to an individual improvement.

The training can be done once or as a multiple day training if you want. Thats up to you and how comfortable you feel in the water.