Playa Chica

One of the most diverse dive sites on the island is Playa Chica. It offers scope for everybody – no matter if you are a swimmer, snorkeler, or diver – beginner or professional. With 3 different entry points (we choose one depending on your abilities) you have the possibility to find many ways to explore this beautiful dive site (0m to 40m). Lots of fish, big groupers, nudibranches, moray eels, cuttlefish, sea hares and sand eels which peep out of their sand holes and disappear as you draw near. If you are lucky, you can also find angel sharks, different types of rays, octopus and even sea horses on this dive site as well.

Chicas Bay in Puerto del CarmenThis bay offers “confined water” – conditions and because of that we use and recommend it for try-out dives, courses, kids-diving and refresher courses. Compared to a pool however, you can see thousands of things like anemones, crabs, starfish, sea urchins, cuttlefish, sea hares, octopus, many fish species and much more.

Cathedrale at Playa ChicaThis cave can be visited by five or six people at once – it´s approximate size is 100m². Particular attractions is the resident moray and the black coral both on the left side of the entrance, and the beautiful sponges at the rear of the cave, The cave opening is on a sloping sand floor and it´s worth keeping your profile to around the 30m mark to maximize your bottom time. No danger of getting lost in this one, the cave narrows after about 10m or so and can be treated as a large overhang. It is well worth taking a torch however, as it really brings out the beautiful colours of the encrusting sponges etc. Also watch out for shrimp and arrow crab in the many crevices and very large grouper hiding in the shadows of the roof.

Blue Hole in Puerto del CarmenThis spot leads to a breakthrough – a tunnel-like formation snaking down through the top of the reef wall. The top is at about 20 metres and the bottom end breaks out at about 30 metres. It offers the possibility to dive through the reef and lends itself to some very atmospheric camera shots.

Red Coral at Playa ChicaPast a small wreck (Little Titanic), follow right shoulder along a beautifully festooned reef wall we come to Dieters Place – here we find an impressive fan coral, another popular spot for photographers. Dieters Place is also home to a piece of local history in the form of a memorial to one of the Island’s local divers.

End of reef Dive Site in Playa ChicaAt the end of the reef we find large shoals of sardines, which sometimes form breath-taking bait balls, this incredible spectacle is a sure sign that barracuda, bonito or tuna are in the area hunting for their next meal. On the way along a beautiful reef wall, with loads of sponges, we find some small caves and holes where groupers and clouds of shrimp are common, so again, worth taking a torch.