Kids diving

Most kids love the atmosphere underwater. It is amazing how naturally many kids can hold their buoyancy and enjoy their time down there. But it is important to give them suitable equipment. Daivoon Dive Center not only offers kids suits, but also special mouthpieces and small boots and fins to make the experience as much fun as possible.

Children are great buddies, but they need special attention underwater. This is why we always make sure to dive in small groups with our young divers. We have well trained diving instructors to ensure their safety underwater.

With divesites like Playa Jablillo, Playa Flamingo or Playa Chica Lanzarote offers a good choice to benefit the special needs of children.

We recommend a minimum age of 10 to start their diving adventure. Some organisations allow children as young as 8, but with experience of more than 20 years of diving we have found that it is well worth waiting those extra couple of years.