Snorkelling is an adventure…

… especially in the Atlantic Ocean which offers a varied and vast amount of fish species and marine life. In every nook and cranny you are guaranteed to find something interesting. You can discover a new world with Daivoon Diving Center in Lanzarote and we will be happy to show you this world in all its glory. We will also advise and teach you the key skills you require to get the most from your diving experience. Your safety is our main priority so you can relax and enjoy your time with us in the under water realm. Our snorkelling trips are suitable for all ages and experience levels. The trips are designed to be fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Our guided snorkelling trips include:

  • Pick-up and return service in Costa Teguise
  • Profesional equipment designed for snorkelling and diving
  • Intro into the basic concepts (duck diving, etc)
  • 35 min snorkel trip with a guide
  • Equipment rental for the rest of the day

If you want to know more about snorkelling, find useful informations at SSI – Scuba Schools International.