Glyn Powell

Daivoon´s Mr. Happy
  • PADI MSDT Instructor
  • BSAC Instructor
  • Special skills:
  • EFR Instructor
  • Natural Navigation (pilotage) and Compass work
  • Buoyancy and trim
    • Languages: English, German, Spanish
    • 4000 logged dives

    Glyn has been diving since 1976

    Glyn was introduced to the sport by his big brother Andrew when he was just 11 years old. It was a huge adventure for him sharing only one tank and regulator, no BCD in those days. One would dive while the other provided snorkel cover and then they would swap over mid water half way through the dive. Glyn took to diving like a duck to water and over the years Glyn´s interest for the underwater world grew and grew.

    Glyn not only became a BSAC and PADI instructor, but he is also well travelled having dived widely round the world and taken part in a number of scientific (underwater) expeditions. After more than 30 years of diving he is now an important and experienced member of the Daivoon diving family. One of his best abilities is that he can make everyone smile and is ALWAYS in a good mood.

    In the centre he spends the days drinking his wet warm and weak tea and enthusiastically teaching people of all ages to dive. Glyn loves a good splash and with his great knowledge and skills he is the perfect diving buddy.


    Favourite courses and trips of Glyn


    2 Confined water dive
    4 Open water dives
    Professional equipment
    Theory & exam
    International certificate
    Dive insurance
    Course materials (logbook etc.)

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    For qualified divers
    2 Dives from the boat
    15m deep
    Reservations min. 2 days in advance
    Unique in Europe

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    Min. 10 years
    Min. OWD qualified
    2 Dives
    Manual / online training

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