Cat and cuddle agent at Daivoon
  • Sleeping
  • Loves to be caressed while eating
  • Part of the team since 2012

Our beloved diving cat, is the first to arrive at the center every morning and welcomes all the divers with an affectionate miauuuuuu. She ensures that the surroundings of the center and the interior of the same are free of mice and in return we give all the love that we can (and food of course). She also brings in a Gekko from time to time so we are free of spiders and mosquitos as well.

If you ever see her meowing near her food just caress her a little, she just needs love.

Marvin´s Diary

My name is Marvin and I am resident Scuba cat and cuddle agent at Daivoon.
I love to live at Daivoon, as there is loads happening around the dive centre. Many old and new faces are joining us for some incredible diving and the centre is running on super fast wifi which has given me the idea to write my diaries to update you all on diving, weather, marine life and my favourite dive centre gossip.
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