Poppy Hughes

Master of Mayhem
  • PAD OWS Instructor
  • Special skills:
  • Nitrox & Deep Instructor
  • Fun pictures underwater
  • Languages: English, Spanish and a bit of german
  • Poppy has been diving since 2006.

    Poppy started diving at age 12 after seeing her dad diving in Cyprus on holiday. He then promised her that when she was old enough, he would pay for her first course to become a scuba diver just like dad.

    Shes trained in the cold waters of Capernwray, England before continuing her specialities in Egypt, Malta and finally in Lanzarote where she joined forces with Daivoon in 2016 to become a Dive Master and being such a good mood factor for the center – Daivoon had no choice other than to keep her for a while till she wanted to travel a bit around the world.

    A few years later and she is now back as an Instructor again and she helps people finding the center, as you can probably hear her from 3 blocks away. She is back in the water and does what she loves most on Lanzarote – DIVING. She has a love for the ocean and can never be found too far from it. Fun diving is always guaranteed when you are with her but be advised that you may need to bring a spare towel as she always forgets hers back at the center!

    She knows the island well and always makes sure her divers are safe. One thing is for sure, she won´t let you get bored during your safety stop and keeps you smiling.

    Email: team@daivoon.com

    Favourite courses and trips of Poppy


    Min. 10 years
    Min. OWD qualified
    3 Dives
    Manual / online training

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    For qualified divers
    2 Dives from the boat
    15m deep
    Reservations min. 2 days in advance
    Unique in Europe

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    For advanced divers
    2 Dives from the boat
    ~35m deep
    Reservations min. 2 days in advance
    Wrecks and reefwall

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