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Orcatorch Divelights

Bright lights to light up the sea

A while back, we started using dive lights from Orcatorch and quickly grew fond of them. The simplicity, reliability and impressive light output are what we appreciate most about these dive lights. Orcatorch offers a wide range of options for recreational, technical, and even photo and video diving.

Our personal favorites are the D700 and D530. The D700 features a convenient twist on/off switch, ensuring easy operation even at greater depths. On the other hand, the D530 incorporates a user-friendly button for seamless control. With a depth rating of 150m, both dive lights provide the reliability and safety we need for our underwater explorations. The triple O-ring sealing adds an extra layer of protection to the lights, boosting our confidence in their durability.

Additionally, most of the batteries can be directly charged via micro USB, eliminating the need for an extra charger.

The Orcatorch D630 V.2 is an exceptional divelight that excels in various diving environments. Originally designed for technical diving, it also performs exceptionally well in low visibility conditions, such as diving in murky lakes. With a maximum output of 4000 lumens, the D630 V.2 effortlessly pierces through the murkiest of waters, providing excellent visibility. The light’s external battery ensures an impressive runtime of 5 hours on the highest setting, and an impressive nearly 24 hours on low mode (460 lumens). This extended battery life allows for uninterrupted dives without worrying about running out of light. The D630 V.2 is a reliable and powerful companion for divers seeking exceptional performance in challenging conditions.