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Cressi Michelangelo

Our favourite divecompuuter!


The Michelangelo is our favourite divecomputer because it offers a huge variety of different Modes, including “dive”, “Free”, ”Gage”, “Air”, “EANx” and “Log”. It also features a high contrast display which makes the information easily readable and for night dives it also has a backlight. With a nice and simple one button design the Michelangelo is very easy to use. You can press the button to scroll through the menu and hold it pressed to select. Thanks to its user changeable battery it makes maintenance very easy. Cressi´s RGBM algorithm allows for a safe decompression. The computer features a max. PPO2 configuration between 1.2 and 1.6 and allows for multigas diving.
You can individualise the settings to make the computer fit your safety level. All audible alerts can be switched off for all the divers who like their silence underwater.

our favourite divecomputer

The Apnoea (FREE) mode shows you the depth, temperature, dive time, length the Surface Interval between dives, the length of the diving session and offers a dive calculator, maximum Depth alarm and a recovery time alarm.

The Logbook will save your last 50 dives and store all the displayed information. You can either access the logbook via the menu or with the Cressi Bluetooth interface allowing you to download all your dive profiles and logging your dives in the cressi app.

our favourite divecomputer
our favourite divecomputer

One of the reasons why we love this dive computer is its indestructability. After our team did thousands of dives with Cressi’s computers we are still happy to this day. Another nice thing about the Michelangelo is the simple design without confusing split screens and different buttons this simple one button computer is very intuitive.