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Decompression Diving course

Are you ready to take your scuba diving skills to the next level? If you’re an experienced diver seeking new challenges and the opportunity to explore the mysteries of the deep, the SSI Decompression Diving course is your gateway to the underwater world’s hidden treasures.

What is Decompression Diving?

Decompression diving takes you beyond the recreational diving limits, allowing you to explore deeper, longer and with a greater understanding of the underwater environment. During this course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of managing increased pressure, longer dive times and the important skill of running decompression.

Decompression Diving
Open Water Diver
  • 1 confined water dive (min. 1 hour )
  • 3 open water dives (~45 min each)
  • Online theory materials
  • Equipment workshop (1 hour)
  • Stage Tank 40% Nitrox
  • Stage, Rigging & Regulator
  • International certification

Equipment: +60 €

from 350 €


  • OWD certified
  • Min. 16 years old
  • 24 dives
  • Deep Diver
  • Nitrox

What you´ll learn

  • Advanced Dive Planning: Dive deeper and longer while managing risks. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of dive tables, dive computers, and planning software, enabling you to plan and execute more complex dives safely.
  • Gas Management: Discover the nuances of managing various breathing gases, including nitrox blends, to optimize your dive times and safety.
  • Decompression Procedures: Learn how to manage decompression stops, which are critical for safely ascending from deeper dives and gain practical experience with different decompression techniques.
  • Equipment Configuration: Dive like a pro with the proper equipment setup. You’ll explore different gear configurations, including the option to utilize sidemount tanks.
  • Limits of the course: You will learn to plan and execute dives down to 40m with 15 minutes of decompression time based on your backgas (~17 minutes of bottom time at 40m). You will also be able to handle a decompression gas of up to 40% Oxygen.

If you think about Decompression diving and/or Sidemount diving, why not combine it? 

It will give you more air, which is especially beneficial for heavy breathers. This option allows you to enjoy your bottom time even more while worrying less about your air supply.

By combining the SSI Decompression Diving course with the Recreational Sidemount course, you’re preparing yourself for a new world of underwater exploration. Whether you’re drawn to the deep wrecks, stunning walls, or the allure of marine life in the twilight zone, these courses will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to explore it all safely and with style.

Dive deeper, stay longer and do it with the grace and comfort that sidemount diving provides. Join us for a thrilling journey – book your courses today and embark on your next scuba adventure!

  • Efficiency: With both courses, you’ll streamline your diving gear and techniques. Sidemount configuration makes managing multiple tanks during decompression stops easier.
  • Versatility: Sidemount is not only for decompression diving. You’ll find it incredibly useful for recreational diving as well, providing extra comfort and balance.
  • Safety: Sidemount allows for redundant systems, ensuring your safety at greater depths.

SSI Deco & Rec. Sidemount

  • 2 confined dives (min. 1 hour each )
  • 5 open water dives (~45 min each)
  • Online theory materials
  • Equipment workshop (2 hours)
  • Stage Tank 40% Nitrox
  • Stage, Rigging & Regulator
  • Sidemount tanks & Rigging
  • International certification

Equipment: +140 €

from 585 €


  • OWD certified
  • Min. 16 years old
  • 24 dives
  • Deep Diver & Nitrox

No matter which course you want to do, register with SSI and connect to Daivoon Diving Centre.  Once you have transferred the fees for the online materials, we will unlock the course materials. You can start learning directly on the SSI website or by using the MySSI App.

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