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There are 3 main diving areas in Lanzarote:

  • The adventurous north: If the wind is not too strong, we can dive in the north. The entries are from a rocky coast – some more – some less adventurous cool.
    The north is only possible for qualified divers, some divesites even only for advanced divers.


  • The allrounder in the middle: The divesites in the middle of Lanzarote offer everything: shallow reefs, deep reef walls, caves, wrecks and many overhangs and holes to explore. There is something for every diver, which is why its ideal for holiday groups with different qualification levels.


  • The easy yet beautiful south: Most of the divesites in the south are within a 20m depth range. This is why its great for beginners, open water divers and photographers. But also for all of you that fancy a relaxed and easy divesite. This is where you can relax and simply watch big shoals of fish and even rays or angelsharks in the shallower area.

Playa Chica – bay
End of Reef
Blue Hole
Orange Coral

Charco del Palo
Charco Natural
Puerto Moro

Punta de la Pared

Playa Jablillo
Costa Teguise Reef

Lost Kinckers Beach
Los Ancones

Playa Flamingo

Las Coloradas
El Emisario

Harbour Wall Wrecks
Black Beach

La Pared
Richies Place

El Emisario

El Emisario

El Emisario is a divesite in Playa Blanca. Big schools of fish and many other marine life make this boat dive a joy for everyone.

Puerto Moro

Puerto Moro

Puerto Moro is a divesite in the north with a tricky entrance. But once underwater you will find some of the most beautiful caves, tunnels and lava tubes.