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See yourself underwater

Video Feedback

Video feedback in diving has become an invaluable tool for both beginner and advanced divers. By capturing your underwater adventures on camera, we can review and analyze your technique, identify areas for improvement, and enhance your overall performance. The ability to visually assess body position, movement, and equipment usage helps us fine-tune your skills and increase your safety and comfort underwater.
Moreover, video feedback enables us as instructors to provide precise and personalized guidance to you, offering constructive criticism and highlighting successful maneuvers. This visual medium promotes a deeper understanding of diving principles and encourages continuous learning.
So we are going to take some videos of you and then we talk about it: the good the bad and the ugly 😁 .
Benefit from your instuctors experience
Instructors possess a lot of experience in assessing various aspects of diving, such as fin kicks, breathing, trim, and weight balance.
See it yourself
Video feedback allows divers to see their performance firsthand and understand whether adjustments are required to improve their technique.
Small changes can make the difference
Divers can actively participate in their skill development and make necessary adjustments for improvement
  • Video feedback in diving is a valuable tool for divers of all levels.
  • Video feedback in diving helps divers analyze technique and improve skills.
  • Video feedback helps divers enhance their skills and increase their safety underwater.
  • Provides a deeper understanding of diving principles.
  • Allows for self-reflection and skill enhancement.
  • Instructors can provide personalized guidance and constructive criticism