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Taking your diving carer to the next level

Assistant Instructor

First and foremost, the Assistant Instructor course offers a seamless transition from being a Divemaster to becoming a certified dive instructor. With our experienced instructors guiding you every step of the way, you’ll seamlessly build upon your existing diving knowledge and leadership skills.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn a wide range of instructional techniques, dive theory, and practical skills necessary for assisting dive instructors in training and supervising dive activities. From effective communication to precise demonstration techniques, you’ll gain the confidence and competence to inspire and educate future divers.

Open Water Diver courses Lanzarote
Open Water Diving Course in Lanzarote

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on hands-on experience during the Assistant Instructor course. If possible we will give you the opportunitie to assist in real dive courses, honing your instructional abilities under the guidance of experienced professionals. This practical approach ensures that you not only understand the theoretical aspects but also develop the necessary practical skills to thrive as an Assistant Instructor.

Our Assistant Instructor course also offers a supportive learning environment where you can engage with fellow diving enthusiasts. Collaborative group activities and discussions provide a platform for exchanging ideas, learning from each other’s experiences and building lasting connections within the diving community.

As in all of our courses we will try to teach you as much as we can from our expansive experience and show you all the little tricks to becoming a successful professional within SSI.

Dive Theory

  • Overview of SSI
  • Duties of SSI Professionals
  • Program Administration
  • Academic Sessions
  • In-Water Training
  • Assistant Instructor Programs

Practical application

  • Water Fitness Test
  • Academic Presentations OWD
  • Academic Presentations Perfect Bupyancy/Speciality Programs
  • Workshop Try Scuba and Scuba Rangers
  • Workshop OWD and Scuba Skills Update
  • Skills Presentation OWD
  • Skills Presentation Perfect Buoyancy

No matter which course you want to do, register with SSI and connect to Daivoon Diving Centre.  Once you have transferred the fees for the online materials, we will unlock the course materials. You can start learning directly on the SSI website or by using the MySSI App.

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