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Extended Range

XR Sidemount

The SSI Extended Range course is tailored for experienced divers aiming to push their limits and explore deeper, more demanding underwater environments.

Online Theory

Open Water dives


min. age 18

Confined Session

min. 4 Days

This intensive program covers advanced diving techniques, equipment configurations, and dive planning, ensuring divers are well-prepared for technical dives. A significant aspect of the course is the option to use Trimix, a sophisticated gas mix of oxygen, helium, and nitrogen, which is essential for managing narcosis and oxygen toxicity at greater depths. By incorporating Trimix, divers can safely and confidently explore depths far beyond recreational limits, experiencing the thrill of deep diving with enhanced safety and efficiency. The course emphasizes meticulous preparation, in-depth knowledge, and proficient handling of advanced equipment, equipping divers with the expertise to undertake challenging dives while maximizing their underwater adventures.



  • 50 logged Dives
  • Deep Diving certified
  • EANx 40 certified
  • comfortable underwater


  • Course insurance
  • Tanks & weights
  • Certification & Materials
  • Gases


Equipment +xxx€

Trimix Option +400€

Extra Day +170 €