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We recommend Chris Benz watches

We sell Divewatches!

If you ever wanted to buy your own waterproof watch, Chris Benz might be a good call.

Chris Benz produces high quality divewatches for both women and men. What makes them on of the best in our opinion is the saphire glas they are using. Hardly anything can scratch the surface, which is a very important feature for divers.

Our team really likes them and wears these watches on more or less every dive. Especially Goetz did a hardcore test on them: he used his watch on 100s of dives and he can clearly say: the glas is harder then vulcanic rocks laughing.
The watches are very reliable and we only had one issue in years of using them which was quickly fixes by the Chris Benz support team.

Chris Benz divewatches

With a huge variety of modles and designs the watches are very individual and you can choose between different watches to make it your own perfect watch. These options include straps made of different materials and in different colours, as well as different options for bezels.

We recommend the “ONE Medium 200M” which has a very classic and nice design, with you being able to choose the colour of the dial.
Another very nice watch is the all black “Kommand Diver” .

Chris Bend divewatch Kommando
Chris Benz divewatch Medium

To buy one of these watches or to get a few suggestions on what to look out for, just message our team and they will be more then happy to help with all of your questions.