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Your path to dive leadership

Dive Guide amd Divemaster

If you’re passionate about diving and eager to take on a leadership role in the dive industry, Daivoon’s SSI Dive Guide and Divemaster courses are the perfect stepping stones towards your goals. With Daivoon’s expertise and supportive learning environment, you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a dive professional.

The SSI Dive Guide course offered by Daivoon provides a solid foundation for aspiring dive professionals. Through a combination of theoretical instruction and hands-on training, you’ll learn essential skills such as leading dive groups, ensuring safety protocols, and maintaining dive equipment. Daivoon’s experienced instructors will guide you through the course, providing valuable insights and practical advice to enhance your dive guide abilities.


Open Water Diver courses Lanzarote
Open Water Diving Course in Lanzarote

Building upon the Dive Guide certification, Daivoon’s SSI Divemaster training takes your diving skills to the next level. This course focuses on developing your leadership qualities and expanding your knowledge of dive theory. You’ll gain practical experience by assisting instructors with training and supervising dive activities. Daivoon’s Divemaster course offers a supportive learning environment where you’ll receive personalized attention and mentorship from experienced professionals, setting you up for success in your future dive career.

Throughout both courses, Daivoon emphasizes hands-on experience to ensure you gain the practical skills necessary for your role as a dive professional. By participating in real-life dive scenarios and assisting with dive courses, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities and refine your instructional techniques. Our commitment to practical training ensures you’re well-prepared to handle real-world dive situations and provide exceptional guidance to fellow divers.

The Dive Guide is a diving course whereas the Divemaster is a recognition level, meaning that you will automatically become a DM if you are a Dive Guide and certified in Sience of Diving. However we recommend that you do our Divemaster training where we offer you a 6 week diving flatrate where you can gain real world experience and do your courses on the side combining both the brilliant digital materials by SSI and our expansive knowledge and experience to form a real professional.

Dive Guide

we will do:

  • Water Fitness test
  • Snorkelling skills
  • Open Water diver skills
  • Stress & Rescue skills
  • Dive Briefings
  • Dive Guiding
  • Deep and Night Diving Workshop


we will do:

  • all contents of the dive guide
  • Science of Diving
  • Real life experience
  • More workshops about real life scenarios you might encounter on a divesite
  • Get to know the day to day life in a dive centre and learn what it is all about (Using a compressor, planning daily trips, sales, and much more)

No matter which course you want to do, register with SSI and connect to Daivoon Diving Centre.  Once you have transferred the fees for the online materials, we will unlock the course materials. You can start learning directly on the SSI website or by using the MySSI App.

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