Cathedral – Playa Chica

With a number of different entry points depending on current and group dynamics, there are many ways to explore this beautiful dive site. You start shallow and then make your way down to the reef and follow it for about 10 minutes, after which time you arrive at the beautiful Cathedral cavern. Keep in mind to check your air before you enter, as you will be busy with the stunning views once inside.

This cave can be visited by five or six people at once – it´s approximate size is 100m². Particular attractions are the resident moray and black coral both on the left side of the entrance. The roof and walls are festooned with beautiful sponges, also be on the lookout for slipper lobsters and towards the rear of the cavern “lady escalarta” or cleaner shrimp with their long white antennae.

The Cathedral opening is on a sloping sand floor and it´s worth keeping your profile to around the 30m mark to maximize your bottom time. No danger of getting lost in this one, the cavern narrows after about 10m or so and can be treated as a large overhang. It is well worth taking a torch however, as it really brings out the beautiful colours of the encrusting sponges etc. Also watch out for shrimp and arrow crab in the many crevices and large grouper and fork beard hiding in the shadows.

Don’t forget to stop, pause and spend a few moments enjoying the blue light streaming in through the entrance – the dark rocks just look stunning in contrast to the blue ocean.