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OWD Divesites

Playa Chica – Bay

Playa Chica is the perfect bay for beginners or courses. It is full with fish and marine live like anemones, crabs, seaurchins and much more.

Charco del Palo

Charco del Palo offers a diver all their heart can desire: Various species from large to small, tunnels, caves and stunning rock formations.

Playa Jablillo

Our wonderful house reef: This dive site is perfect for beginners, courses, night dives, snorkelling and a photographers paradise.

Black Beach

Black beach is a dive site in PDC. It also goes by the name of “Casa Chucho – House of the rays”, because the area is home to rays of all shapes and sizes.

El Emisario

El Emisario

El Emisario is a divesite in Playa Blanca. Big schools of fish and many other marine life make this boat dive a joy for everyone.