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Boat Divesites

Harbour Wall Wrecks

The harbour wall wrecks are a beautiful dive site. With wrecks at 18 and 30+, large Rays and Angel Sharks there is something for everyone.

La Pared

La Pared is spanish for “the wall”. Now you can already imagine what you will find here – an amazing reef wall with a nice drop.

Richies Place

Richies Place is a dive at the Playa Grande with a beautiful canyon-esque structure for us to explore. This divesite has a lot to offer.


Waikiki is a part of the Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen and one of Daivoons favourite boat dives. Any advanced diver will enjoy this.

El Emisario

El Emisario

El Emisario is a divesite in Playa Blanca. Big schools of fish and many other marine life make this boat dive a joy for everyone.