End of reef – Playa Chica

You enter the water from the jetty and dive along the little reef on the right hand side. You follow this reef for about 12 minutes and then you turn left. Watch the sand area for sand eels which peep out of their tiny holes. They are quite shy, but if you move very very slowly you can actually creep up on them to see their cute little faces.

Once you get down to about 20 metres you will see that there is a sand slope going down in to the blue, but also a reef wall starting (or ending) on the left hand side. Follow it down and you will find some small caves which are usually home to groupers and shrimps. As you dive along the reef wall make the occasional glance towards the surface to spot large shoals of sardines, which sometimes form breath-taking bait balls, this incredible spectacle is a sure sign that barracuda, bonito or tuna are in the area hunting for their next meal.

You can spend the whole dive exploring this area, look in every corner and you will find loads of sponges, large groupers, beautiful nudibranches and moray eels to name but a few.