Orange Coral – Playa Chica

We start this dive from the jetty or the bay – depending on current and group dynamic. We dive straight out from the coast towards the reef. As we go down to about 25 metres we pass a small wreck (Little Titanic). Have a look around as there is usually at least one or two grouper close to the wreck.

Follow right shoulder along a beautifully festooned reef wall. Don´t forget to watch your depth, as you could easily reach 40 metres, but this would eat into your bottom time and you may miss out on the coral. It´s best to continue along the wall in a depth of about 25 metres until you reach a small overhang, right on the lip of the reef. Use your touch under the lip to highlight the beautiful Orange Soft Coral growing there. Hop over to the sand side and again look underneath for another view of the Orange Coral and see if you can also spot the three or four Sea Pens!

Watch your air and no-deco time and if necessary just drift back a little shallower towards the sand area, where you can find large shoals of fish, octopus, sea horses, cuttlefish etc. among the many abandoned mooring lines and rock formations as you make your way back to your safety stop and the exit.