Habour Wall Wrecks

This dive spot is composed of a few modest wrecks all within 50m of each other. They are located just off the harbour wall in Puerto del Carmen where the diver can find himself in this breathtaking eerie ship cemetery – depth ranging between 16 to 40m.

In addition to the lasting impressions left by the shipwrecks there is also a chance to witness huge swarms of sardines and barracuda, as well as larger species including angel sharks and extravagant black rays, these are usually found in the small cave located at the bottom of the reef, accompanied with an abundance of shrimps and crab. With a bit of luck you can also look out for trumpet fish, crabs, cuttle fish and other rock residents that inhabit the surrounding area.

The harbour wall wrecks is a fascinating dive site, even if you prefer your dives to be a little challenging, you will be well satisfied after this dive.

Harbour Wall Wrecks PDC

On top of the reef, there is a plateau, where there is a well preserved wreck at about 18m lying on its side. The special thing about this wreck, is that the harbour wall was built around it, meaning it literally protrudes from the wall itself!

The deeper wrecks are fascinating too, as you can clearly see how nature finds her way to grow new life on foreign objects. Big schools of sardines around the broken wrecks make this dive special.