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Puerto Moro

  • Max. 40 m
  • Shore
  • Advanced
  • North
Puerto Moro Divesite north

Puerto Moro is a great dive in the north of Lanzarote. Every diver that wants to explore this ”off-road” dive site has to be a little bit adventurous to “conquer” the entrance and exit. A little rock scramble is necessary to enter or exit the water, and that´s why it is a spot for experienced or well trained divers.

Once underwater however, you are rewarded for your efforts with some of the most beautiful caves, tunnels and lava tubes on Lanzarote.

This divesite also offers “piste” like slopes whose depth looks endless yet plays host to angelsharks and a variety of rays. A small tunnel from 8m to 15m brimming with shrimps, fork beards and cardinal fish can be found here too. Puerto Moro also houses lobster, spiny spider crab, octopus, cuttlefish and a whole host of fish species.

Lava tube
Big cave
Puerto Moro Divesite north
This expedition dive takes experienced divers to the lava tube. This is a lava tunnel which starts at about 10m and has exits at 20m and 30m. There are many small opening which makes for some atmospheric photography. The tube is home to many thousands of shrimp, with rays and morays being occasional visitors. Large stretches of the tunnel have no clear route to the surface so the lava tube it not for the faint hearted.
Puerto Moro Divesite north
On 8m there is a large cave, where divers can usually find large sting rays and it is a great dive for people that prefer to stay shallow.

If you want to dive this divesite, drop us a line and we will arrange something.

Entrance Puerto Moro