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Diving at Charco del Palo in the North of Lanzarote

Charco del Palo

This dive site is situated on a rocky shore line in the north of the Island and is typically volcanic in nature. Huge lava fields once flowed from the volcanic interior down into the ocean to form this stunning underwater environment. There are lots of beautiful overhangs, caves and tunnels to explore and the site offers a rich diving experience for both old hands and less experienced divers alike.

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Diving at Puerto Moro in the North of Lanzarote

Puerto Moro

Puerto Moro is a great dive site in the north of Lanzarote. Every diver that wants to explore this ”off-road” situated dive site has to be a little bit adventurous to “conquer” the entrance and exit. A little rock scramble is necessary to enter or exit the water, and that´s why it is a dive site for experienced or well trained divers. Once underwater however, you are rewarded for your efforts with some of the most beautiful caves, tunnels and lava tubes on Lanzarote.

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